If pets are socialised it makes it easier for them to adapt to new situations, which, in turn, can help to make your life easier – something that we all strive for! Naturally, the best time to begin socialising your pet is when they are young as they tend to catch on much faster then. Just do not forget to get their pet microchip process done before that. It can be a slow process, but one that is worth sticking to as it will benefit your pet in the long run. It is often found that pets that have been socialised are generally happier too. As a loving and caring owner, this should always be uppermost in your mind.

Training starts at home

If you have a dog, then the best place to start socialising them is right at home. Contrary to many owners’ thoughts, socialisation is not solely restricted to meeting others. It also includes getting used to everyday objects such as the TV, washing machine and every dogs favourite thing to hate, the vacuum cleaner!

Meeting others

When it comes to getting them used to other dogs the local park takes some beating. Taking your dog there on a lead will get them used to seeing other dogs and their owners. If your dog gets the opportunity to spend a bit of time with other dogs then this is an activity that they will start to enjoy, making them feel more relaxed in social situations.

Socialising isn’t just for the hounds

It is just as important to socialise cats as they will generally spend more time outdoors than dogs do, and a lot of this time is likely to be unsupervised. Socialising your cat means that you can be more confident that your moggy will be able to deal with the various situations that they may come across, which also means that they are likely to be safer too.

Gently does it

Starting the socialisation process in an environment that is too noisy is not recommended because this can make your pet nervous and they may not react well to meeting new people in this kind of environment. Handling your pet yourself before they are introduced to others is also a good idea as this will get them used to being in close contact with other people. An animal will feel reassured by being close to their owner in particular.

A stress-free pet is a happy pet

It is not always possible to keep your pet away from situations where they will interact with other people and animals. Even if your pet is always kept indoors, you are going to have visitors to your property at some point. When pets are socialised they are better able to deal with these scenarios and they will not get as stressed out by the situation as an animal that is not used to contact with others. This will also mean that any people that your pet comes into regular contact with will feel more confident around your pet and develop their own relationship with them.

Socialisation is vital if you want to keep an animal that is used to be being around people, animals – and inanimate objects!