The medical audio transcription profession is one of the most lucrative ones, and in the current times, it has become more popular. Let us find out what makes it such an attractive career option.

The industry is recession-proof.

There is hardly any industry that has not been affected by recession. The medical audio transcription industry, however, has emerged unscathed from it. The reason is simple: the state of the healthcare industry directly affects the medical audio transcription opportunities. Irrespective of the general economical condition of the world, the healthcare industry never has a dull moment.

The projections are positive.

The US Department of Labor projects that the medical audio transcription industry will see a huge growth in the coming years, its growth rate being more than the average growth rate of other occupations. These projections are justified in the light of an increasing and aging population which triggers the need for more medical records.

Technology has not proven a threat but an aid.

When the voice-recognition software came into the market, it was feared that it will end up replacing medical transcriptionists. However, after toying with the software, people realized that it cannot handle the work as efficiently as a human transcriptionist. Moreover, doctors are required to spend a lot of time preparing and using the software, thus beating the very purpose medical audio transcription came into existence – saving doctors’ time and effort. Transcriptionists soon realized that the software can be used to make them more productive.

It has now been established that medical audio transcription is a specialized profession. With benefits like the flexibility of working from home, good pay, and flexible timings even in the trouble times of today, the profession will continue to attract people.