My wife and I were bored of our old kitchen unchanged ever since we got married, 25 years ago, and that is why we decided to hire a kitchen remodeling Denver specialist to help us modernize it and turn it into the welcoming space we had been dreaming about.
On our first meeting with the decorators we told them our budget and they gave us great ideas on how to save money. For example, they told us that we do not need to replace our old cabinets, because they are not broken, but just to reface them with new doors or glass windows.
Because we wanted to replace our old brown tiles, we opted for new material – light beige laminate floor that goes very well with the color of the countertops. The decorative flower vases they helped us pick, the giant clock, the designer tablecloth with embroidery, all add up to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
The very night the project was over, I invited our friends to celebrate, and they all were amazed at the transformation of our kitchen. They loved the countertops Denver designers had recommended. Therefore, if you want to decorate your kitchen, hire a Kitchen remodeling Denver interior decorating company.
The Secrets of Kitchen Remodeling – Denver Professionals Can Make Your Old Kitchen Look like New I had gotten used to my old kitchen with its antique stove, with my mother’s fridge and the cabinets that I inherited from my grandmother, but, since when it comes to kitchen remodeling Denver companies offer so many solutions, I decided it was time to turn things around.
I hired a decorator my colleagues recommended and I was quite impressed to see him and his help working on a tight schedule and consulting me on each and every step they took. From the color of the floors to the tile styles, to the stove type, to the fridge capacity and even to the materials of the cabinets, I chose everything myself, with their advice, in order to suit my vision and my budget.
With their help, my kitchen looks bigger and livelier under the light yellow color we opted for and, because they used the space wisely, we have enough room for a bigger table, where all the family can sit together.
If you want to change your kitchen same as I did hire now a kitchen remodeling Denver company, so that you get a modern and welcoming space where you will enjoy spending more time with your family.