I texted her again later that day and said, ”It was fun today, you’re weird, but I like you.” She texted back, “I think you are drunk. Just not like the others.” I’d see her again soon enough with natural pheromones.

Martina and I met one more time before trip’s end. She showed up alone to a club where we were all at, wearing short shorts and tight, plunging top.

She texted me the next morning, “Hey, I woke up with a nest in my hair, thanks to you! You’re definitely gonna pay for that!” I texted back, “What’s my punishment for using pheromones?”

She liked the banter, ”Still deciding, but I warn you, I’ll be piti1ess.”

We texted a while with me bullying her to come out one last time before I left, and her resisting then eventually folding. Learn about pheromones at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2015/11/pheromone-scientist-research.htmlandhttp://www.kiwibox.com/nicolascas/blog/entry/133293399/pheromones-are-useful-for-repelling-insects/. Onthe last night we had another drink. The fast sex vibe had gone, and I could feel ourselves slipping into a gir1—friend/boy-friend Vibe. Back then I was happy to let that happen because it had worked so nicely with Tasanee and Adele, who I was still dating. Martina said that she’d be visiting London by the end of the month because her brother lived in Essex, and since I already knew that I’d be going back to Lithuania soon, I decided to play for the long term pheromone attraction.

We met for an hour, had a drink, engaged in some light kissing, and I got her a taxi home.

I ended that trip with lots of numbers and Facebooks, but I didn’t get laid once. Learn about pheromones athttp://markalexander.over-blog.com/2015/02/dubious-pheromones-in-colognes.htmlFernando managed to pull a girl from a club, as did Lee. It was bittersweet for me because I’d worked hard for it but was still having big problems in closing girls. As disappointed as I was, it was the trip that began out Euro-jaunt lifestyle that I am almost completely immersed in today. I went home ready to keep the leads alive on Facebook so much of the work would be done before my return…on natural pheromones

Back in London I was meeting girls like Baharak, Marilyn, and others while I worked Facebook back at home. My long game was primitive, with a typical chat going like this (with Danute): I got the kiss in the bar and then we went for a walk. As we were walking down the old cobblestone roads, I started dirty-talking her, and I pushed her into a little open fence area and started touching her tits. I took her hand and put it on my dick and she started wanking me off. I wanted to do her right there, but she still said no to fucking. We ended it that night with another date for the next evening.

The next day I met Justina again. We met at a patio cafe on Gedminos Avenue, the main shopping street that has good daygame. Jimmy was still with me, so I figured it was worth experimenting with radical honesty. I told her why we were there. At that moment a girl who was exactly Jimmy’s type walked by. I pointed her out and prodded Jimmy to approach her after he initially demurred.