Paper placemats would be very useful for guests during a dinner party. Women coloring lips would use them to wipe their lips. During the dinner, placemats are spread in a single layer, while lunch and dinner twice its fold and put seam to itself. Modern etiquette forbids both women and men to lay the cloth collar . While in the movies, the action takes place in the early twentieth century, this behavior can be seen quite often. Well, the rules have changed .

Paper placemats and napkins are designed exclusively to protect your clothing from drops and crumbs. Permissible lips wet cloth after drinks. To do this, he was taken from his knees, folded in half and pressed the folded edge to the center and to the corners of the lips. It was pressed to a wet residual moisture, and they do not carry far and wide.

It is unacceptable for a cloth to wipe the soiled hands or greasy food chin and cheeks. To do this, there are paper placemats and napkins. And certainly not worth it to replace the dining cloth handkerchief. Not need to use a napkin to wipe the cutlery that you are likely to offend the owners of the house and the restaurant.

Very often during a meal swipe slide with knees on the floor. Me , even if they want to show respect to the lady , you should not dive for a fallen object under the table. Instead of looking for paper placemats & napkins, fallen under the table or dirty, it is better to ask for a new one.

Rising from the table, put the napkin to the right of the plates , and not on the seat or chair. Do not try to give it original form, simply fold . Moral standards also require that your napkin on your lap remained up until the last guest did not finish the meal.