The height of sexual love is one of the most total experiences of relationship of which we are capable . . . What lovers feel for each other in this moment is no other than adoration in its fall religious sense, and its climax is almost literally the pouring of their lives into each other. —Alan Watts Sex as a Contemplative Activity If your partner is a woman, you can awaken layers of pleasure in her vaginal lips with your tongue. While holding the acupressure points on her sacrum (B 27—B 34), slowly circulate your tongue around her clitoris. There is no rush—take your time. Learn more at and

Continue to make slow circles, large and small, until her passion reaches an ecstatic high. Then slowly and gently suck her clitoris. Savor each moment. Breathe deeply into each sensation. Channel the pleasures you receive by passionately licking, kissing, and suck- ing. Open yourselves to waves of energy and pleasure. Benefits: The foot massage, toe suck, and ful1—body hug of the Body Curl stimulate healing energies. When you relax in the Body Curl or Leg Hug, you may experience a release of energy, much like the afterglow of making love. This double reflexology foot massage stimulates the nerve endings that benefit the internal organs. It is also a great posture to relax and talk with your partner—except when your partner’s toe is in your mouth! A RECONNECTING CoUPLE’s ROUTINE This routine is a nice way to reconnect with your partner after a long day’s work. After a wonderful foot massage, the routine stretches your partner’s lower back in an intimate position. Finally you will lie down together in a full-body embrace, a sequence that naturally leads to oral sex or other ways of making love. Foot Massage Sit facing each other with your legs a shoulder-width apart. Place one leg between your partner’s legs. Each partner should grasp hold of the foot that is closest to them and begin massaging the area between the heel and the ankle bones on both sides of the foot. This massage stimulates the acupressure and reflexology points for the reproductive system. Then massage toward the toes, with the thumbs on the top of the foot, fingers on the bottom. Knead the foot as you watch your partner’s response. While massaging the feet, you may want to talk or listen to music as you enjoy each other’s company. Bring one hand underneath the ankle and grasp the Achilles tendon, while the other hand kneads the outside of the foot. Then roll each toe while using your other hand to massage the Achilles tendon, the heel, the arch, and the ball of the foot. Slide your thumb and index finger up and down the large toe as you breathe deeply together, stimulating important energy points for enhancing your sexuality. After finishing one foot, switch your position to massage the other foot, bringing it between your legs. Continue to massage this foot as previously described, until both feet feel equally worked on and balanced. Learn more at