I simply pulled out and simplified these conditions for use in pheromone seduction. Most seduction methods deal in defense, covering all objections [with varying amounts of nullification, removing other’s tools “defeating” them], or by creating situations where one or two gimmicks can be leveraged to their best possible benefit. However, the problems with such pheromone methods are immediately evident. Trying to cover every possible objection and situation that could arise and applying the same method to all women, is impossible. What about gimmicks? Learn more at http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20150908/pheromone-diversity and http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/pheromone-interaction Gimmicks limit the type of women and areas where those gimmicks will be effective to a select few. Not to mention when the gimmick wears off those women will know nothing about you and thus lack a reason to keep in contact. So, that leaves an agro or aggressive style. It is a whirlwind approach that happens too quickly for reflective thought, and thus objections, leaving only action. This action is based on how she feels about the interaction with human pheromones. Used alone this would merely be another trick, and it is in a sense, but when paired with persona crafting and trait cultivation it serves to deepen your connection with her. It also gives her a chance to get to know the real person behind her defensive snap judgments. Because… In the real world it takes time to build trust. And… Getting to know a girl takes time. But when you’re talking about meeting strangers in a bar, club, or wherever you’re talking about compressing those interactions into only a few hours. So, you need some type of shorthand to make her get out of her own way and find out what an amazing person you really are. Sound good? Thought so. However, you don’t want to waste all night waiting on the girls if your pheromone concentration is low, so if nobody has mentioned it after a few minutes feel free to bring it up and get the girls to add to your ink. Afterwards you can show them something neat for taking the time to write on your arm or give them high fives/hugs. Speaking of curiosity that takes us to the next section where you are going to approach a girl and have words come out of your mouth. Pheromone Approaching: There are a number of ways to approach and deliver an opening line. You’ve probably heard of a few of them like opinion openers and the shocker, but I’m going to share with you 10 new types of opener which are easier, proven, and more effective than most of the stuff out there. The absolute best type of opening line, in my opinion, is an opener that creates curiosity. As the saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back.” Curiosity activates sections of the brain dealing with comprehension and anticipation of information. In other words a curious girl is a girl that wants to know more. A girl who is interested is a girl open to seduction. For example: Turning your body toward the person you are talking to showing them you are receptive to their words. Leaning back on your heels while looking elsewhere to display a waning interest. Turning your body away from a person to show you are not receptive to them or walking away. Pursed lips, a held frown, or a rolling of your eyes to show disapproval or a dismissal of the words of another while they are speaking. A tightlipped smile displays politeness. A genuine smile shows confidence and friendliness. A smile while showing your gums conveys overconfidence with pheromone oils. Learn more at http://pommett.spruz.com/