The Old School New Body program is one of the most unique programs to hit the online market. It takes age defying to a whole new level. Now, we have all heard of the anti-aging lotions, supplements, subliminal audio programs and other products. Most are extrinsic attempts at treating the symptoms of aging.
The Old School New Body program however, in an intrinsic program. It deals with the factors that hasten the aging process and teaches people to minimize these factors. By doing so, they can effective retard the aging process.
The creators of the program are a husband and wife team, Steve and Becky Holman. Just by looking at the photos, you can tell that this couple walks the talk. They look great for their age and are living proof that their method works. Steve is over 50 and has a six pack! Respect!
The program itself is called F4X… it’s a cool name but what it really does is it teaches you to get lean and muscular in 3 phases. In the first phase, you will get lean by adding lean muscle. In the second phase, you’ll get in shape by burning fat stores. In the third phase, you will build muscle so you look really good.
By keeping yourself lean and muscular you will retard the aging process. Studies have shown that regular exercise, especially resistance training slows down the aging process. That probably explains why Stallone looks so good in The Expendables despite being in his 60s.

The Good Points:

1)The program is absolute solid. Steve Holman really knows his stuff after being an editor for the Iron Man magazine for years. His info is on the mark and guaranteed to work. 
2)The product is perfect for those above the age of 35. Unlike other fitness programs that are geared to a younger and more hardcore crowd, The Old School New Body Program will get you in shape without putting you in the hospital.
3)The product is very well arranged. Simple to follow and you go through one phase at a time. It’s not complicated and you only need to spend about 90 minutes a week and still get great results.
4)An easy to follow diet plan. Nobody wants to survive on steamed chicken breast and broccoli daily for 3 months. The diet plan they provide is very lenient.
5)The product comes with several awesome bonuses and a money back guarantee.

The Bad Points:
1)This product can only be found online and at the official website. You’ll need an internet connection and a computer to download it. 
2)You will need to read the digital download. If you don’t like reading, this may be a chore.
Should You Get It?
If you’re above 35, this is probably one of the best guides you could get. It’s never too late to invest in your health and start exercising. As we age, our commitments tend to increase and finding time to exercise gets increasingly difficult.
The program takes into account our busy schedule and recommends exercises that are extremely effective. So, you end up doing less but benefitting more. By doing only the exercises that matter, you’ll effectively work more muscle groups, burn more fat and end up looking younger.
Let’s leave the hours at the gym to the guys in their teens. We’re older and know better. Time is precious. Quick, effective workouts that make us look better, feel better and live better. That’s what the Old School New Body program is all about.