Another insight that I got with tonglen is that it builds the basic necessities of self-confidence. This is because negativity is transformed into love. The transformation property is key here. This exercize does the same thing: it takes the negative thoughts as a trigger, which means it acts as an input and then produce a positive thought as an output on real pheromones according to and So if I would do this, then I would ideally experience one negative thought / emotion about my ex-girlfriend, i notice this thought and I replace it with one thought and 1 positive emotion each from 3 different perspective in total. This gives me a positive negative ratio of 3 to 1, this helps people to flourish according to Barbara Fredrickson. In experiencing these events I cultivate: playfulness, creativity, savouring awesome memories (when I’m not thinking up new ideas) and a sense of being motivated to do things for the greater good. This is just awesome for pheromone users.

In my experience (I had 3 negative memories coming up already) I experience this as a shitload of fun! It’s like I now almost WANT to have negative memories about my ex (BTW: I only do this when automatic thoughts / my automatic voice is really negative about my ex). What I also notice is that the amount of positive thought makes me completely steer away from the negative thought that I had about my ex pheromones user. Sure, I still have thoughts about my ex, neutral and positive ones but that’s not a problem. The problem was, solving to get unstuck of automatic negative pheromone thoughts while you are not able to communicate with your ex (or not at your preferred human pheromones anyway according to .

Some final pheromones

So a lot of ideas and insights that I had gathered from the past month came together in this one and it makes me see how my intuition builds on things that it learned before with real pheromones.

I’m curious if this will stick around and actually work long-term. I believe it will for most cases at least.

Furthmore, I decided to do an experiment: I will live in my intuition for a while and not rely on psychology anymore. Psychology limits me nowadays, I will rely on some psychology but not on the studies that don’t have enough data to my taste of human pheromones.

I noticed two things to keep in mind with the technique that I designed. First of all, you can only use this technique when you’re not under pressure. I had en exam yesterday and then I felt like I couldn’t really use my technique. Second and more importantly, this technique mainly fights the symptoms that you’re having (in my case unwanted thoughts). So you should not use this technique all the time. I figured you can use it in 2 situations: the first is that you’re really really tired and the second one is when you went down a real negative spiral that you can’t get out of. The reason you can use this technique then is because the downside of fighting symptoms is that you don’t have a chance to solve the problem. However, when you’re fucked like those 2 ways, then you don’t have a big chance to solve a problem like this anyway. So then redirecting your negative emotions to positive (useful) ideas for the world wide community is a good idea for real pheromone users.