Aging, and showing its affects, is something that our society seems to be increasingly concerned with. We have heard and heard about how much our society is dominated by the affects of the Baby Boomers, is it any wonder that, as they get older, we as a society become more concerned with the affects of aging? When you add in to the mix the fact that physical attractiveness receives so much emphasis in our media and advertising, the questions of aging become even more pointed.

Skin creams, prescription drugs, surgery, exercise regimes, are only some of the solutions being sold to deal with the problems associated with aging. Emphasize the sold, the better that people can convince you that their product will reduce the affects or appearance of aging, the more money they will add to their bottom line. Given my experiences with the Baby Boomer generation, I am going to address a different aspect of this issue than is usually addressed, and I promise not to offer to sell anything anywhere in this article.

The mental affects of aging are actually more damaging than the physical from my observation, and they are less likely to be addressed by those affected as well. Part of the reason that people form habits is that they, to a large measure, work. They make our lives easier; for example, do you really have to consciously think about what route you will drive to work? As we age, though, these habits can come to take over larger and larger portions of our lives. We all have that one relative, usually older than we are, who tells the same storied every time we see them. Now, decide if that is who you want to be in the future.

There are several suggestions that can improve and revitalize your mental life. I am sharing several that people have told me they found effective. Think of it as doing stretching exercises for your mind. In Zig Ziglar’s phrase, prevent hardening of the attitudes.

First, consider music. You can go online, and by using the search bar, find and listen to an incredible variety of music. Start with something you like, and you will find that you are provided links to other music you haven’t heard. If you think about it like walking through the woods, going from one tree to another, you will find yourself exposed to things you have never seen before.

Second, talk to someone new every day. Try to go past just “Hello, how are you?” You will find that you begin hearing and thinking about new things as you interact with more and more people. When you talk with someone, try listening more and asking them questions to find out more.

Third, read something new. I use Facebook for social media; I often find people posting links to things I disagree with. That’s a great place to read something new. It also gives me things to think about that I would never have if I only talked to people I agreed with. You might even learn something.

This is just a start; becoming more engaged with the people around you helps you to be more youthful, alive, and attractive. With amazing variety of music that is being performed, it is unbelievable that you will not find some modern music that you like. These different techniques can provide anti-aging for your brain; which will really help revitalize your life as well. Happy growing!