The Ionian Islands, tripped the west coast of Mainland Greece, include the perfect location for an Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Charter. Most of the islands are short distances apart setting up a great itinerary for your beginner or seasoned sailor. With numerous anchorages to pick from, deserted quiet harbours, lively seaside resorts, historical villages and clear blue seas you’ll be spoilt for choice. There are airports of all of the islands to help you basically choose your personal itinerary depending on how long you would like your trip to be… have a look at a sample one week here…

As soon because you part of Paros Greece, you’re in the town of Parikia. This is the main harbour from the island. Parikia has exquisite traditional architecture with beautiful windmills and cubic white washed houses around the port. Close to the harbor, there are seaside cafes and restaurants with delicious fresh seafood dishes for your hungry tourists. There are also numerous hotels in the centre of town for tourists to remain here. Parikia even offers a seaside walkway suitable for evening stroll when you gaze at the beautiful sunset throughout the horizon. Monuments near to Parikia include Byzantine churches and monasteries, archaeological and ecclesiastical museums and remains of ancient temples. Regarding Greece rental accommodations visit Greecevillasrentals.

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On foot is probably the loveliest approaches to explore this small island. If you are ready to walk for 3 hours (a round trip) you’ll be able to explore the attractive Arethoussa Spring which can be where Odyessus met swineherd Eumaeus within the Odyssey. Ithaca is really a small island, most famous for the links with Homer, you’ll be able to also visit the Cave of the Nymphs on foot, which can be to the west of Vathy. The Monastery of Panagia Kathariotissa is a good location to go, because it comes with a altitude of 600m, rendering it perfect to take a look recorded on this tropical isle. The Virgin Mary there’s said to work miracles and it is really a lovely little place to examine, providing you are sure to dress modestly as a symbol of respect. Take you got it should you click here! Ithacha is all about history when you are sightseeing. If you are in Vathy enter in the Nautical Museum of Ithaca where you can discover the culture and history from the island, including local dresses, tools and so forth from the island ancestors. If the history just isn’t a lot your lifestyle just enjoy the lovely beaches as well as take ferry rides across with Ionian islands.


There isn’t a great deal along this kind of peninsular but there are several excursions to interesting places. They make have a number of hours coach drive or perhaps a ferry ride to go to them but they are definitely worth the journey. Mt Athos is spectacular, its only inhabitants would be the Monks and Hermits, there won’t be any women allowed for the land. You can only visualize it from your sea and the mountains are lined with fabulous looking monasteries which are recognized to go back to 1453; brilliant for photo opportunities when you have a lengthy lens camera. Petralona near Nea Moudania has some fascinating caves, where bones of fossilised animals that are now extinct have been discovered and studied to find they may be 1000’s of years old. The caves also have some magnificent stalactites and stalagmites; unfortunately you are unable to take you got it along with you or use a flash. Petralon even offers a very good museum which will help you stay busy for some hours. Book the excursions using your local travel agent or tour rep or alternatively engage a car as they may be cost-effective and you can tour around independently, providing you time to begin to see the attractions for your leisure.