That was the ego talking. I didn’t like the idea that I might lose a girl because she liked another man more than me due to his superior pheromone cologne. So my ego cast around for alternate explanations, no matter how spurious. Despite gleefully taking advantage of women’s hard-wiring to enjoy adventure sex I didn’t enjoy being on the wrong end of that smoking gun. Daygame teaches you many things, often with tough love and you will learn about pheromone attraction.

Everyday Pheromone Usage

By this time, the salon was open and running and there wasn’t a lot of work left for the girls to do there. Check out pheromones at

Dovile and I were still seeing each other, but we were like cyphers. I was fucking her but she always seemed inhibited and non—compliant, somewhat mechanical. It didn’t help that Zaria was coming around twice a week too. Ugne had found a waitressing job in a bar near their house. Dovile and I were out at the Starbucks in Golders Green one day when she began spinning a yarn about how Ugne’s bar manager was coming on to her and creating discomfort. I took that as a segue into asking for the straight truth about Bogdan. I wanted her to tell me if he was coaxing her. He was a good—looking guy, and she was spending a lot more time with him at work than with me outside of it, but I wanted to believe she was being coaxed. She wouldn’t tell me anything over the coffee, but once we’d separated for the day and I was back in the house, we started messaging on Facebook, and I ended up getting the trickle truth on pheromone production.

I told her what Lee had told me about whether pheromones actually work. It was obvious she was having a difficult time holding all her emotions together and making sense of her situation. She wanted to tell me the truth but feared what I’d do with it. It took her about an hour of vacillation until she admitted he’d kissed both her and Ugne one night. Get pheromones at

The story she told was they’d passed a major milestone preparing the salon so Bogdan had bought a crate of beers and invited them back for a little celebration on my new pheromone perfume for men.

I kinda regret it. It would’ve been a great threesome with pheromones. So I just kissed them both, made some jokes, then let it fizzle. The next week Dovile formally dumped her boyfriend. Poor guy. He flew into London the next day to try to win her back but her heart belonged to daddy. After her pain of empathising with him died down — she clearly felt terrible letting him down — she was lifted up by a new buoyant freedom.

Dovile eventually got another Erasmus offer for the summer of 2013. We were still talking on Facebook and she told me all about it, asking for direction on another big life decision. The scheme was in Chisinau, Moldova and they were funding students one thousand Euros a month for a master’s degree in marketing. It was for a two—year commitment. For the region, that’s a great deal of money — considerably more than the median family income. A person could live in luxury with that in Moldova. She said that her parents had told her to “follow her dreams” but that her friends didn’t want her to go for more pheromones.