April is a magical time of year throughout the US. For many, it is the dawning of spring. The ground thaws, warm rain falls, the trees bud, and flowers begin to blossom. What a wonderful time to profess your love and start a new life as life begins anew all around.

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Some brides are not fortunate enough to take advantage of a natural winter season in their location. Other brides do not want to wait for winter to get married. Even in 90 degree weather with no clouds in the sky, it is easy to recreate a winter wonderland for any wedding. There are several easy to follow decorating and attire steps that any bride can use for a perfect winter wedding.

Don’t forget about the winter bridesmaid jewelry for your bridesmaids. With winter comes many lush and rich color choices. Of course there is the ever popular hunter greens and ruby reds. These make for wonderful winter Christmas season bridal jewelry selections. Deep burgundies and maroons, as well as royal blue and persimmons are also beautiful choices.

For weddings that take place in the fall, you could choose reds and oranges and mix them with dark shades of green like olive green. Think of the trees during the autumn season. Their colors are the colors that you should pick.

Winter weddings evoke a serious sense of romance that you can’t find during any other season. The season is guaranteed to make any bride feel like a queen, with the snow-covered hills and sparkly streets. To match this romance, go with silver shoes – strappy, peep toe – anything will do, so long as it’s the color of snow. White can work for winter, but silver is the best way to compliment the colors of the season.

Tulips are soon to be everywhere in the spring, which is always daffodils from the top 5 list. The saving grace of tulips is the variety of colors, they also come in white, pink, red, yellow and purple. In general, I think tulips look best on your own with a group in the same color or a combination of two different colors of tulips. You look great in a bouquet or a simple glass vase.

Flower girl accessories come in different styles and themes, the right one for you could be a new style or a very old style. The Classic Double Heart flower basket is an example of the old design that has endured the test of time. This is a time honored style and very easy to fit into any wedding theme or dcor. Then there are those that are even better suited for say a spring wedding like the Butterfly Dreams flower girl basket, giving that extra touch that will magnify the spring theme.

While you’re at someone experienced and good at what they do want to rent, you do not always need to hire the biggest, greatest florist in town. Small businesses can have as much talent as large squares. You will know what a florist can do just by looking at a portfolio of their work.

The clothing for the wedding can be inspired by a winter wonderland. You may want to choose a white fur-trimmed gown. Your wedding party can add fur-trimmed shawls or cloaks. Some grooms choose to wear a white tuxedo, and the wedding party can do the same thing. You can add metallic touches to the dresses and suits with gold or silver trim. Brides may also want to consider wearing velvet or thick satins.

Men appear highly well dressed for a daytime wedding dressed in tan suits, coloured shirts and matching ties. For men, it is essential to recognize that black-tie or formal attire refers to a tuxedo or dark suit and tie. A pashmina wrap with an empire-waist gown maybe suitable for women and one could even tryout a full-length satin skirt with beaded shell. For springtime nuptials, it is acceptable to choose black or white colours so feel free to wear both. Ladies have the option of wearing a white dress with an embroidered pastel cardigan or a black suit with a contrasting shell.