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Auto insurers are carefully governed by insurance laws, industry standards and actuarial statistics as they set their prices. Learning these norms and educating yourself about the most commonly held consumer myths could be a direct route to the car of your dreams, at a significant savings on insurance premiums. The penalty for teen drivers should come as no surprise, experts say, considering young drivers also tend to be the riskiest group on the road.

Your car is covered in the custody or control of garage staff (for service or repair) or valet parking staff, or when it is being parked by an employee of a hotel, restaurant or car parking service. Third Party, Fire and Theft and Third Party covers your liability to third parties, but accidental damage to your car isn’t covered. For AA members the cover limit is 500 except for portable sat nav equipment where the limit is 250. If you have key cover elsewhere, the policy benefits may overlap. Please check how this may affect you.

2. The policy must be purchased directly with Post Office Money. This offer is not available via price comparison websites. Policies purchased directly with Post Office Money using a quote reference obtained from a comparison website will not be eligible for this offer. We also offer a range of optional benefits that you can add to your policy to tailor it to your specific needs see below:

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2. Kwik Fit Insurance Services may, in exceptional circumstances, withdraw or amend this offer at its discretion. In this event, Kwik Fit Insurance Services will provide all qualifying customers reasonable advance notice via email/letter, and will endeavour to provide an alternative offer of the same value. 4. Free MOT test available at Kwik Fit MOT centres only. Kwik Fit have over 500 MOT Test centres. To locate your nearest Kwik Fit MOT centre please click here. 12. Cancellation and deferral terms and conditions apply to the MOT booking facility. See for further details.

– If you go on to accept a policy with us, you may be asked to provide proof of your earned NCD. This proof should be a renewal notice from your previous insurance company or broker, or a letter on headed paper from them. In certain circumstances we may be able to obtain this for you. – You have up to date proof (less than 1 year old) of claim free driving equivalent to the number of years discount requested Please select the month of your home insurance renewal date and we will send you a reminder just before it is due for renewal.

“We believe the concurrent rise of instant ridesharing and autonomous vehicles presents real questions as to whether there will even be an auto insurance industry as we know it in 20 years, what percentage of cars on the road will be essentially accident-free in 10 years and whether to acknowledge in just 5 years that this isn’t some ‘George Jetson’ fantasy.”

Some car insurance plans do not differentiate in regard to how much the car is used. There are however low-mileage discounts offered by some insurance providers. Other methods of differentiation would include: over-road distance between the ordinary residence of a subject and their ordinary, daily destinations. The examples and perspective in this section deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject. Please improve this article and discuss the issue on the talk page